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Welcome to The Bar Plan's Online Court Bonds

Welcome to The Bar Plan's OnlineCourtBonds.com! The Bar Plan specializes in court fiduciary and court judicial guarantee bonds. We make purchasing a court bond as simple and cost effective as possible. Everything you need to purchase a court bond is just a click away.

Probate attorneys often must post a bond on behalf of an executor, administrator, or conservator of an estate. But the need for a bond also arises in a wide variety of other matters (e.g. appeals, injunctions, TRO’s, replevin actions, etc.). You may need a bond but not know exactly what type of bond you need or where to get it.

When you need a court-related bond, you want someone knowledgeable assisting you who will ask the right questions and meet your needs…..the first time.You also want a company that can get you your bond quickly. In most cases, The Bar Plan can get you the bond you need in 24 to 48 hours. If you are told by others it will take significantly longer than that, contact us.

Types of Court Bonds

For attorneys needing a court bond, The Bar Plan Court Bond Program meets all these criteria. We offer a full range of probate and other court bonds, underwritten by experienced, knowledgeable underwriters. We also offer quick turnaround (typically 24-48 hours) and competitive rates.


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Welcome to OnlineCourtBonds.com! We specialize in court fiduciary and court judicial guarantee bonds.

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